Sacred Geometry in Byzantine and Russian Schools
The works of Rublev, Master of Icons, are a lesson of Sacred Geometry in the Art of Composition.
 Andrei Rublev   Sacred works of Andrei Rublev - Icons and Sacred Geometry

|—•> Rublev    The Virgin of Vladimir - XII° (Byzance) and XV°C (Rublev ?)

|—•> The Holly Trinity - XV° Siècle (Rublev)
|—•> The book of Kells - IX° Siècle (Keltic Art)
|—•> The placebo concept of "Inverted Perspective" - XX°C

 Andrei Rublev   Scientific approach to study Tradition

Rublev    This re-discovering of ancient ans forgotten Art would not happen with usual methods, which are intuitive but empiric (and very approximative). Obviously they had failed in their attempts. The representation of the World by these ancient Masters is translated into a System, a true Structure, and it is verifiable in scientists term. This Structure was even used as a basis by Kepler in his work. This discovery encountered a long time an obsessional error, typical of 20th Century, which confuses Realism and Materialism. The Intuition, purely Spiritual, of Masters which preceded us, could not deliver its secrets under these conditions. Moreover, besides the realism due to the practice of Perspective and telescope, great Masters did not cease implementing, during Renaissance, the system which they had developed up to its achievement : Sacred Geometry. This Ideo-Realistic communion had for faithful practicers Botticelli, Vinci, Dürer, and Raphaël… Today we can analyze their works with arguments and methods of an Applied Science : Comparative Geometry.

 Andrei Rublev   Saint Andrei Rublev

Rublev    The essence of what we know of this uncontested Master in Icons is in its works. The biographical and handwritten elements do not deliver anything about its practice, nor about the genius with which he developed his work (one saw him praying more often than working, but now it becomes unbelievable !). « The Holy Trinity » is a temple of Sacred Geometry, that Rublev made literally “responsible” about the Icon. He signed the work by a rectangle to the face of its Communion table. The in-depth analysis of the drawing reveals the main geometrical arguments with which Dürer will develop in « Melencolia-I », as its most hidden work (because of politics) : Tarots of Marseille, in the version that Nicolas Conver will perpetuate until 1760…

Rublev    The contribution of Andrei Rublev to Sacred Art, as well as in the development of the language of Image, in a strict way, is priceless.

 Andrei Rublev   Les quatre sites de publication de la Géométrie Sacrée

Rublev    Four web-sites are sharing the mission to publish our first elements of research, with Christophe de Cène, about Sacred Geometry and more generally about a Culture of Image which was built patiently during five millenium, until its achievement at Renaissance epoch, through the birth of Science with the laws of Kepler.

• is the place of methodology, thesis and lessons that this Culture implies.
• shows the transition from the symbolic system of Old Masters to what becomes Science by the genius of Johannes Kepler.
• concerns the lessons of Dürer in geometrical construction, especially through its mythical engraving: Melencolia-I.
•, site on which we are located, gives a wide space to the main russian Master in Icons : Andrei Rublev.

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