Sacred Geometry in Byzantine and Russian Schools
The geometrical composition of the Virgin of Vladimir chooses the harmony of golden ratio to build the Nimbes of Christ and of his Mother.
 Andrei Rublev   V - The Nimbe of the Virgin

The Nimbe of the Virgin of Vladimir is in harmony with Phi, the golden ratio.Rublev    The aureola of the Virgin has its place in this introduction to Sacred Geometry. The value of its diameter is Phi squared (Phi + 1), modeled on the triangle 3,4,5. The "Number from God", given by God to man to find / create harmony on Earth, magnifies the mother of God. It expresses the mission, outreaches. Didn't she asked to Jesus to multiply the wine ? The role of the Virgin Mary always tries to relate God to men, she intercedes ... Madonna, seen by the ancients, is human in the noblest sense of the term.

                              Two golden rectangle are crossing their lines to draw a square with the measure of Phi, on the Icon of Virgin.
                       Two crossing rectangles, Phi by (Phi +1).
                       They draw a square in their center (Phi)

the golden structure in which enter the two faces, especially the eyes of the Virgin, in the Icon of Vladimir.Rublev    Two golden rectangles, value of Phi and Phi+1, are intersecting at the center of the aureola, and they draw a square value of Phi. We find the human dimension of Mary. Jesus is involved in this : his face is here designated as human. The diagonal rising in the white square is the exact extension of segment 3, celestial dimension of the triangle. The golden division of the square emphasizes Mary's left eye, while her right eye sits on a diagonal shift of the square. Other lines are involved but the "reading" would become difficult ...

 Andrei Rublev   VI - The Nimbe of Christ, Baby Jesus

The nimbe of Christ is built on the same golden frame. This composition is a meditation about Sacred.Rublev    Let us take the golden rectangles of the Virgin. The aueola of Christ clings perfectly to this figure, like Jesus on her neck. The algebraic expression of the diameter of this circle is complex :
√ [3 Phi (Phi 1)] ÷ 2 (Phi 1) ≈ 1.175 ...

The nimbe of Christ and the face of the Virgin are buiding a Vesica Piscis.Rublev    This same circle fits perfectly inside the liseret adorning the veil of Mary, to form a superb Vesica Piscis. The aura of divine comes here together with the human faces of mother and son with a kiss to the center. The top of the triangle is on the second circle.

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