Sacred Geometry in Byzantine and Russian Schools
The first Virgin of Vladimir reveals the same Sacred Geometry in its Composition. The Russian school is heiress of Byzance.
 Andrei Rublev   VII - The first Virgin of Vladimir (1130)

Sacred Triangle is also responsable of the Composition in the first Icon of Vladimir.                              The nimbe of Virgin is revealed due to the skills of Sacred Geometry in Composition.

Rublev    Of course, we must confront the first icon to the schemes that we have just described. To establish a common scale of numerical values, we choose the height of the child Jesus (2.Phi), and we accord the figures. In these circumstances, we find the same organization of the Image. A Sacred Triangle, a golden rectangle and the aureola of the Virgin, with its crossed rectangles which draw a square - side Phi. The differences between the two icons are too subtle to be explained here. The meaning of their geometry is the same.

 Andrei Rublev   VIII - Conclusion

Rublev    Studying this icon will continue to grow, and we must proceed in stages. The purpose of this research is to be become available to historians, philosophers and mathematicians to enable a fairer approach of Sacred Art. It is also of course useful for practitioners: artists, restorers and iconographers. The first message, as it is with sobriety, is the starting point of a natural collaboration between all disciplines.

Rublev    This study presents in a deliberately didactic way a culture which, despite its place on the path of our origins, now seems foreign. The Ancients Masters thought with the image as we think with the numbers of computing and accounting. The reintegration of that forgotten logic has obviously historical interest (as well as some political importance in the understanding of tribal cultures), but beyond this kind of curiosity are looming other issues. In their idealism, the Ancient Masters have initiated a purely intuitive model that anticipates Science (see this article about, by Christophe de Cène « Kepler, from an ancient knowledge to modern physics »). This is an opportunity to clarify the nuances that separate the Darwinian Hominization and the real Humanization...

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